Who doesn’t love their favorite pastry for breakfast? Having a 3 yr old who is a rather picky eater who loves tut tarts morning noon and night we decided to try and make our own.

This was our first run at it and our ingredients were as follows…

Ready to Bake Pie Crust
Homemade Frosting

Set your oven to 425 now spread your pie crust and start cutting out some fun shapes. Remember to make a top and bottom.

Our next batch we will make our own pie crust. If you buy ready bake pie crust be sure to let your crust become room temp prior to handling.

When your cutting out shapes be sure to have a surface that pie crust doesn’t stick to, wax paper works great.

The fillings are limitless, just look how many actual pop tart flavors are available. We chose nutella for the nutrition and the taste works great alone.

Spread a pretty even later of your favorite topping and stay back off the edges about n 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Once your satisfied with your fill take the top piece of the shape and place on top. If you don’t have a crimper sealer thing a fork will work fine to go around the edges to seal up your tasty “Tut-Tart”.

When properly sealed place your heavily snacks on a NON STICK NON GREASED cook sheet. Do not grease the sheet.

Depending on oven cooking length may vary from 4-8 minutes. Like I said this was our first batch so we haven’t perfected anything just yet. I will say keep an eye watch the crust cook.

I’m looking forward to expanding our pouch ingredients I’d like to try some fruit fillings, which would be similar to a turnover.

The last and final step in making your own “Tut-Tart” is frosting and sprinkling the top outter layer. Mommy made a great frosting out of confectioners’ Sugar and Cream, I’m not sharing this tasty topper because it’s special like “we’d have to kill ya if we told ya” type special.



I’m a stay at home daddy, my son and I are always trying to find ways to cook and play together.

We have come up with maybe the “Worlds Greatest” personal pizza recipe. There’s a couple very important small details that need to be followed for full potential and I’m sure many will put their own twist on this recipe.

1st thing needed is a pack of high quality english muffins

2nd High Quality Sauce I like to use Pastene Chateau Marinara Sauce. You could definitely use a meat sauce instead.

Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Basil Leaves
Parsley Flake
Crushed Red Pepper (dried)
Black Pepper
Ramano Grated Cheese
Shredded Mozzarella
Shredded Cheddar
Minced Garlic (add a lil drizzle of garlic oil also)

I mix a few spoonfuls of oil with above listed ingredients, dont ask measurements I’m Italian we make everything to taste. I do use all dried spices so that I can grind them into fine powder. Mix in a few pinches of the Ramano.

Heat the oven to 500 degrees, while the oven is warmin split each muffin. We usually make 8 personal pizzas (4 muffins split)

Once you’ve got halves start popping them down in the toaster on a light setting, mines set between 3/4, just enough to crisp the edges.

Now take the oil cheese basil parsley red pepper & black pepper mix and spread on lightly toasted muffin.

Next spoon on your choose of sauce, I like to stay back a 1/4 inch or so when doing this, it kind of gives a crust look & feel. Like a real personal pizza. Add sauce to your liking, I usually spread a spoonful to spoon and half.

Now spread your shredded cheese leaving a small border around edge to create the crust, again add cheese to your liking I’m a light cheese type. This is also a good time to add any toppings you like and dont be afraid to add another light layer of cheese over your topping.

Next I usually dip the spoon back into the oil cheese spice mix and let 2/3 drips hit the top of the personal pizza.

Final step of cooking is now placing pizzas directly on the rack inside your oven or for an even crisper crust cook on your BBQ.

I like a crispy crunchy crust some like softer doughy crust so actual oven time is to taste. I leave mine in for 8-10 minutes once I see the edges curling and browning and cheese melting I’m good.

This recipe is a family friendly recipe, my 3 yr old son has already become a master at high quality personal pizza making. I hope a few try this and create the incredible laughs and good times followed by an awesome homemade family dinner.

These also make some great apps during sports games or birthday parties the toppings are endless…. ENJOY!!

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Fantasy Football Leaders heading into week 11 of 2012/13 Season

A. Rogers (GB) 202 pts
D. Brees (NO) 200
M. Ryan (ATL) 190
T. Brady (NE) 185
P. Manning (DEN) 180
M. Stafford (DET) 166
A. Luck (INDY) 165
C. Palmer (OAK) 158
J. Freeman ( TB) 157

A. Peterson (MIN) 170
A. Foster (HOU) 168
D. Martin (TB) 164
M. Lynch (SEA) 142
R. Rice (BAL) 136
S. Ridley (NE) 121
CJ Spiller (BUF) 119
C. Johnson (TEN) 119
T. Richardson (CLE) 118
F. Gore (SF) 117

AJ Green (CIN) 138
B. Marshall ( CHI) 132
V. Cruz (NYG) 116
V. Jackson (TB) 113
R. Wayne (INDY) 109
C. Johnson (DET) 107
D. Thomas (DEN) 107
R. White (ATL) 106
M. Colston (NO) 105
J. Jones (ATL) 102

Gronk (NE) 107
T. Gonzalez (ATL) 98
J. Graham (NO) 95
H. Miller (PIT) 81
O. Daniels (HOU) 78
K. Rudolph (MIN) 69
G. Olsen (CAR) 68
J. Witten (DAL) 65
V. Davis (SF) 64
S. Chandler (BUF) 63

Bears 159
Texans 109
Broncos 108
Giants 101
Seahawks 94
Patriots 85
Chargers 84
Ravens 84
49ers 81
Buccaneers 78

Tynes (NYG) 111
Walsh (MIN) 100
Gostkowski (NE) 97
Bryant (ATL) 95
Tucker (BAL) 86
Gould (CHI) 84
Janikowski (OAK) 83
Suisham (PIT) 83
Barth (TB) 80
Hanson (DET) 78

These are the numbers heading into week 11 check in next wk or follow me on twitter @bobbyblanco1 for more fantasy updates and question answering

20121101-215100.jpgI stare at this picture of my 3 sons and sometimes become speechless other times I get these intense emotions that run thru my body. Goose bumps neck hairs stand up, those kinda emotions.

My oldest son 14yrs old playin his first year of real organized youth football. I’ve always known he was a great athlete, after all I am his dad and I also had the pleasure of being his coach in youth baseball a few yrs back. He just dominated and over powered the entire league. He used to drive me crazy when he wouldn’t run out ground balls.

Watchin him carry the ball for the first time and literally carrying 5 Winthrop kids for 7 yards was a teary eyed moment for this daddy. Watchin him lineup at defensive tackle and wreak havoc in offensive backfields makes me grin with almost an arrogant pride. Hearing parents cheer on the team then ask who’s that big boy makes me wanna shout “THAT’S MY SON”. I don’t tho I’m trying to teach these 3 young boys how to be great men. I let his play do the talkin, I gotta practice what I preach.

Watchin my 9yr old playing his second year of organized youth football is like night and day to watchin the big boy play.

My 9yr old is a completely different player with a completely different build. He’s lean mean and super fast. God was watchin a football game when he was writing his script.

I’ll never forget running 89yrds along the sidelines yelling cheering crying watching him take the very first handoff of the year, actually it was the very first handoff he had ever taken, 89 yards for a touchdown. He’s so fast and nimble, he can stop cut and go without changing speeds, he’s like a deer, fun to watch run wild. He’s an absolute animal on defense, he makes great tackles, makes solid hits, he just plays football the way football was meant to be played. Problem is he’s well aware of how good he is and doesn’t understand some kids learn games at different speeds. He’s the kid doing TD dances (his dances are actually good if he wasn’t my son) I’m the dad screamin give the ref the ball, beggin his coaches to bench him.

I guess the best way to explain it is he’s learned to play the game very well but he hasn’t learned to respect the game. I hate showboat players, just how I was brought up. My papa always said “if your good enough to talk about how good you are people will do it” well many have talked about how good he is and many have let him kno how good they think he is.

This being his second yr and growing a lil older he is doing much better then last yr. He actually moved up from Titans to Crusaders this year. I was really hoping an older kid would pop him a few times, it just hasn’t happened, even tho he’s one of the youngest kids on the field he still dominates and out plays most kids.

Then there’s my 3yr old who teaches me so much on a daily basis. Going from a car sales man working 75-80hrs a wk to a stay at home football dad has been a huge learning lesson.

Just like watchin his older brothers play ball I get to live these awesome daddy moments with him.

I’ll never forget the first time puttin him on a 2 wheeler bike at Walmart. He got on that thing and took off like he’d been riding a bike since birth, made me so proud I walked around the store recording him for a half hour. We had to buy that bike, there was no way I could take him off it I just couldn’t do it. Watching his confidence grow from timidly fumbling his way around the bike to pedal at speeds I had to basically jog to keep up with him was amazing.

It’s not always proud sunshiny days being the daddy of 3 amazing sons, but what it is is a constant look in the mirror. My direct actions reflect who and what these young boys become. If I’m yelling at the ref for missing a holding call or not calling something what are my boys gonna do when they don’t agree with an authority figure?

Maybe the greatest lesson I’ve learned in life is humility. I try on a regular basis to show my sons that the small things are usually the meaningful things, if we can be comfortably humble the big glorious things will be all that much more rewarding.

Another life lesson learned is doing the next right thing usually causes the right outcome. It’s the greedy selfish acts that leave ya feeling defeated. When your greedy you can never enjoy what ya got cause ya always want more and always worrying about what it is you got.

All this is my pride and joy, I love being the daddy of 3 amazing boys, just makes me feel old that one is quickly becoming a great young man.

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Week 7 has much more meaning then most thought it would when The Patriots 2012-13 schedule came out. Nobody in Patriots Nation thought there would be a tie for first place in the AFCE, never mind a bunch of 3-3 teams.

I remember when a Patriots/Jets game was “The Tuna Bowl” this meant war. Bill Parcells went from hero to villain literally over night in New England.

He came in as our savior to start the 1993 season, in a short 2 years he led this organization from laughing stock to a 10-6 record heading into the playoffs for the first time in 8 yrs. We embraced The Big Tuna, we made him out to be bigger then life as many fish stories are.

During the 1996 NFL Draft Parcells wanted to draft defensively but the real savior of this model NFL franchise overruled him and demanded Patriots draft an Ohio State WR named Terry Glenn, officially the beginning of the end for Big Tuna in Foxboro.

Robert Kraft a longtime Patriot fan had bought into the team years prior but in January of 94 the NFL approved his then record setting offer of $175 million to purchase the lowly Patriots, saving the team from going to St. Louis. This was an over the top offer considering the Patriots hadn’t reached the playoffs in many yrs.

The 96 season would be one to tell your grand kids about, an appearance in Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers. Everyone in New England remembers how it panned out, we also remember Parcells departing from the Super Bowl loss alone, private flight without the team.

Super Bowl XXXI final score Packers 35 Patriots 21, I still can’t stand the sight of Desmond Howard.

All during the Super Bowl run there were rumors flying all over about Bill and Mr. Kraft having disagreements and Parcells wanting more control over who would play on his team. Maybe even leaving the Pats because of the power struggles.

If he was cooking the dinner he wanted to pick out the groceries.

The solo flight spoke volumes, but nothing was louder or clearer then the New York Jets press conference introducing their new head coach Bill “Big Tuna” Parcells.

Being Boston brewed, born & raised, your brought up to hate anything New York. I leave “N” and “Y” out of the alphabet sometimes because of New York.

This was the ultimate betrayal, leaving Patriots camp to travel up i90 the Mass Pike to NY, on top of the sour taste we all had from the handling of
SB XXXI. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill received death threats from some morons back here in Boston.

I know everyone was waiting for the 97 NFL schedule to come out to see when the Patriots & Jets would meet. It was the first official Tuna Bowl, September 14, 1997.

I remember that game like it was this morning. Traffic was backed up for miles upon miles along rt. 1 in Foxboro. People had been tailgating for days it seemed. I was able to grab a set of 2 tickets so I grabbed my cousin thinking this would be great as his first Patriots game “Tuna Bowl 1”

We had a blast, upon entrance to the old Foxboro Stadium event staff were handing out pompoms. We stood the whole game shaking them damn things screaming cheering calling Parcells every name in the book. My cousin called me in the morning telling me he must have fallen he couldn’t move his left arm, that’s what violently beating a pompom for 5 hours will do to you.

The game was a classic, an overtime Patriots win 27-24 that had a last second field goal blocked by Patriots.

I know Boston/New York games have always been a rivalry but I truly believe it took a whole new meaning after this game.

With the Patriots dominating the AFCE for the last decade plus the games kind of lost the flavor. That is until Rex Ryan arrived in NY and popped off with the infamous kiss the rings quote, followed by more trash talking.

The final revival was the Jets knocking off the Patriots in the playoffs a couple years back.

It was January 7, 2011 Patriots were heavy favorites heading into the Championship game at Gillette. Unfortunately the Jets came out on top 28-21, making the hatred all that much greater.

Since then Brady & company are 2-0 against the Jets out scoring them by 30 points (67-37)

Funny thing is these teams have met 105 times the series is split 52-1-52 this game Sunday is much more then another Pats/Jets game this is for soul position of first place, this will give one team the edge head to head by a game.

Even more so it’s a great game to get this wounded secondary of the Patriots rolling. It’s no secret this young secondary has been struggling. Giving up more big plays then any other NFL team, and being hampered by a couple injuries. It’s also a good game to lace up the cleats a little tighter and play some smash mouth football.

I’d like to say this game will be won in the trenches but the Pats have the ability to beat this team in all areas.

Passing Game –
It’s not even close I’ll put my money on
Brady Welker Gronk Hernandez & Lloyd
any day over Sanchez and company

Running Game –
Again the Pats completely dominate here. The trio of Ridley Bolden & Woodhead have been deadly, racking up multiple 200+ yrd games. Yes the Jets were very productive last week running the ball but they weren’t facing this new and improved front seven.

Defense –
I’ll lay it all on the line taking this Patriots defense, especially after the showing they had last week making Russell Wilson look like a first ballot HOFer. I expect big things out of this defense, just as they’ve come up with big play after big play this year what I don’t expect is giving up the big plays or the pass interference calls for 40-50 yards.

I’m going out on a limb and predicting my New England Patriots to come out and play a full 60 minutes. I expect them to come out fast, get a lead and keep their foot on the neck of the Jets, force a couple turn overs maybe even a defensive touchdown.

I have to follow my heart and stay true to who I am, after Sunday the rivalry will no longer be tied nor will the AFCE as the Patriots win this with a huge improvement coming from the defense final score 38-17

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Well week 6 was another record setting week, unfortunately the records were receiving records set by Wes Welker in a devastating Patriots loss to Seattle Seahawks.

The Patriots had multiple opportunities to put the Seahawks away. The first being the closing seconds of the first half where bad clock management followed by an intentional grounding call ended the half.

Patriots could have easily kicked a field goal with 6 seconds on the clock but chose to go for the kill. When Brady missed a wide open Gronk in the corner of the endzone and Branch got held up at the goal line he was forced to throw it away, Branch would have been where Brady threw the ball had he broke free. The play ended with 1 second on the clock and with the intentional grounding call came a 10 second run off, ending the half 17-10.

The Patriots were only able to score 6 points in the second half while Russell Wilson looked like the grizzled vet, not the “too short” rookie who still hasn’t completed 20 passes in a single NFL game.

Patriots had a great defensive stand to open the second half with Spikes stuffing Lynch for a 4 yard loss then Chandler Jones picked up his second sack (5 on the season) of the game to make it third and 19. Seahawks were forced to punt after a Turbin run.

After CBS flashed that Brady hadn’t thrown a pick in 172 attempts we all knew it was coming, never thinking two picks would come, one being a redzone pick.

Again it was the secondary giving up the big play and being called for pass interference. The Patriots were burned for 6 big plays, three of them going for 46, 50 and 51 yds. The front 7 played another great game, forcing 2 fumbles and shutting down a great RB in Marshawn Lynch, 15 carries for 41 yds.


I’m not sure why the run was abandoned, Patriots finished with over 75 yds by the trio of Ridley (16/34) Bolden (6/28) and Woodhead (4/25). Brady threw the ball a career high 58 times for 395 yds 2 TD and 2 Int. The first TD came on the second drive of the game, a 46yd catch and run to Welker. The second TD was a sweet touch pass to Hernandez.

Can we please give this O Line a hand. To start the season they were a big concern and have been nothing short of spectacular the last couple of weeks, between protecting Brady and opening gaping lanes for the running game.

To say the Seahawks beat the Patriots would be a lie. The Patriots had this game and let it slip away, as we’ve seen in previous games this year.

Going into week 7 at 3-3 losing three games by a combined 4 points is heartbreaking especially when you have the best offense in the NFL.

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Down set hut 1 hut 2….

Thats just one of the great sounds I enjoyed this past wknd along with catching the great New England Patriots destroy the Tennessee Titans.

Boy what a joy it is watching your sons play football. Just a few wks ago I wasn’t sure if I’d be sideline dad at all. It was really looking like this season would be more of a scrimmage tour thru the New England area.

Sunday was opening kickoff for Chelsea Pride Crusaders. The team, many parents & several volunteers woke early Sunday morning to meet at the field at 6am to make the trip to Framingham. We finally had a real game to play, this wasn’t just another scrimmage this was a big deal.

Crusaders were the team to start the entire day of festivities & football. I’m not sure if there was really a coin toss but Framingham kicked off. Chelsea had some ball control issues returning the kickoff, as you would expect when having 22 lil guys running around after a football.

Once these 2nd & 3rd graders took the field all that mattered was that memory that was being created play after play tackle after tackle.

Chelsea called out for the 1st offense & 14 guys took the field, coach had to send a few back to the sidelines. First few plays were outside runs that eventually ended in a TD the very 1st of this great 2012 season.

Chelsea kickoff team hurried onto the field after the extra point. After a towering 13 yrd boot Framingham offense took the field and gave Chelsea all it could handle.

Both squads played their hearts out, giving it all they had. Framingham has one of the best youth football programs I’ve seen in quite some time. They had 36 guys suited up & ready to put their pads to work. Chelsea had 15 Crusaders suited up.

The stands were packed, standing room only. Cheerleaders were warming up everywhere as were the other teams who would later take the field.

I’m not sure what the score was at halftime, honestly it didn’t matter if it was 50-0 or all tied up all that mattered was hundreds of kids were starting off their football season.

The 2nd half opened with Chelsea kicking off to Framingham, with another Gostkowski like boot and a great return from Framingham we were off and playing good old American Football.

Watching all the kids having the time of their life, smiling ear to ear, running around having a blast was like a dream. As the battle continued the score was all tied up heading into the last couple minutes of the 4th quarter. Chelsea had the ball and was putting together a great drive. They had just got in the redzone when a broken play ended in a fumble recovery by Framingham. With just a couple minutes to play and about 85 yrds to go this great game would be ending in a tie. Well like in any football game & on any given Sunday it ain’t over till the fat lady is singer her tune. Framingham bounced a run outside and a few broken tackles later it was Framingham up by a score.

Of course the guys suited up in Chelsea Pride Red & Black were heart broken, but both teams met at the 50 to officially end the game with a handshake & good game.

This day was so much more then another football filled Sunday. There were some life long memories & possibly friendships created.

The Framingham team recently bought an inflatable football helmet with their logo on the side to run thru when entering the field, similar to what the Patriots use, equip with smoke machine and all. Both teams got to enter thru the helmet, some kids were more excited about running thru the helmet then to play ball.

After the game Framingham had hotdogs, burgers, candy, soda you name they had it set up for the 2 teams who had just played. They really welcomed the entire Chelsea Pride Program and we left there feeling like family.

Everyone had a blast, I was pretty amazed at how well all the lil kids held it together since they got out of bed sometime around 5am & I’m sure many were up late filled with excitement. I didn’t get much sleep myself, felt like Christmas eve and I wasn’t even playing. Having only 15 guys Chelsea wasn’t left with many subs, you could see the exhaustion in the kids after having hotdogs & hamburgers & all the adrenaline stopped rushing thru their bodies.

Now it’s time to prepare for next Sunday, another road trip. Looks like this entire season that was in question is going to be salvaged. It’s going to take some real dedication and lots of effort from all involved, Chelsea is probably gonna need some new faces to step up and step in as many families have multiple children playing. With all the changes that are gonna happen some teams will be traveling to different fields on the same day which will reduce the options for transportation & carpooling. In a perfect world a bus company or livery service might offer to donate a ride one week. Who knows how it will happen all that’s known at this time is it will happen.

One of the amazing things about the community of Chelsea is that when we all come together and stand tall mountains can be moved.

We will be having a raffle coming up soon, one of the awesome items that’ll be part of the raffle is a Willie McGinest autographed New England Patriots helmet that he donated to the program. It really doesn’t take much to make a huge change in a child’s life, hundreds of children benefit from Chelsea Pride as do hundreds of adults.

Chelsea Pride is a non-profit organization that could use a lil help.

We could surely use some more uniforms. With the funds available kids are given 1 pair of pants, these are to be worn a few days a week during practice & then again on Sunday.

Some kids come from below poverty level homes and their families can’t afford cleats or snacks/drinks for games & practice.

Chelsea Pride has a storage container that’s been partially donated to store what they do have, if it had shelves to organize all the equipment & safety supplies it would makes things more productive.

Food & beverage donations that could be resold at the concession stand would always be a great help to.

I would like to remind people that Chelsea Pride is a non profit organization providing young boys & girls the tools needed to become great men & women.

Being a non profit organization donations may be a tax deduction. If you are interested in helping out in any way you can email me for more info

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about this season & I’m more then ready for some football……