Hula Dancing and Potty Training

Posted: July 16, 2013 in family

Ever met a dad that wasn’t pumped when their son finally starts using the potty?

If we met yesterday I was pumped up full of high fives and potty runs.

This last week my 3yr old son finally realized that arguing to wear his own pee or number 2 was a shitty argument

We had been trying every potty, toilet seat, undies whatever we tried it. I can’t tell ya how many times we googled and watched YouTube videos on potty training.

Finally one morning this week insteada just replacing the nights slept in diaper with a fresh one I said no more dipes lets do the potty today he said ok and he’s been a champ.

He’s slept thru the night in his big boy boxer briefs without an overnight spill every night this week.

Being a lil boy and going pee on your own you discover body parts and uses you never really knew about.

This morning while my son and I are checking the mail, both pretty happy and pumped up over the new success with the potty, I’m enjoying the sunshine, glazing off admiring the sky thinkin wow this is a beautiful day

WHAT!!! theres my son on the bottom stair of the front porch pajama pants and undies around his ankles, I thought he was doing a naked hula dance


He’s just looking at me dancing away and says I gotta pee I gotta pee.

He has been waitin until he couldn’t hold it anymore, I think he’s still getting comfortable with all the newness of life without diapers

We quickly got his pjs back up around his waste and the car full of elderly women that were in traffic backed up from the red light at the corner no longer had to watch the hula dancing

I can’t put into words how proud I am of my son for the almost spill proof transition he’s made, nor can I describe how embarrassing it was that I was standing there zoned out, gazing into space while he’s giving a car full of women a chip & dale show.

We ended up making it back in the house in time to release the valves in the proper manner, still working on aiming and making the transition to the toilet with his toddler seat insteada the stand alone.

For us the toilet in the bathroom was to big for our son, he just wasnt comfortable on it. It didnt matter what step stool or seat he wouldn’t get on it.

With the stand alone he’s able to sit and not worry about keeping his balance or holding on, he’s able to focus on the doody at hand.

Just another embarrassing proud daddy moment


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