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Forgive me if I sound ignorant but I’ve heard this story before, not always the same name & not always the same victims defendants witnesses or FACTS!!

Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots connected to North Attleboro homicide case.

I couldn’t help but think of Ray Lewis. Many wrote Ray off, I can’t tell you how many times I heard “that motherfucker is guilty” he was fully convicted by many in the public way before the “justice system” even had all the facts in front of them.

By no means am I saying Ray & Aaron are the same story but there’s just no way I’m jumping to guilty as I last heard & knew the American way is innocent till proven guilty.

Yes yes things don’t look good for Hernandez if what the media has shared is true.

1) dead guy found close by Aaron’s home

2) 2013 Chevy SUV rented under Aaron’s name somehow linked to dead guy

3) Hernandez sought for questioning but not named suspect

4) search warrant executed at his North Attleboro home

5) local news outlet CBS reports Hernandez not working with cops I translate that to he is covering his ass speaking with a lawyer.

6) day after all above unfolds civil suit exposed, stating Aaron shot another guy in the face with illegal firearm

7) police return to Aaron Hernandez’ North Attleboro home and find out he’s left his home

8) suddenly a number of NFL teams are speaking out about the off the field concerns they had and even throwing the G word around. He had gang ties, WOW big news.

Here’s what I say could have happened, none of my hypothetical story is true.

There’s no way to deny that Aaron Hernandez is connected some way to this unfortunate situation

Could it simply be that the 2013 Chevy suburban rented in his name was being driven by one of his close friends?

Could that close friend maybe even family member still have ties to some street stuff?

It’s really not uncommon for athletes that sign a 40 million dollar contract extension to take care of friends & family that have stuck by their sides. The close ones, the ones that were there thru thick and thin, they road with ya when there wasnt a thing to ride for.

Could it be that the shooting of a man in the face in florida was just as innocent as Vice President Dicky buck shotting a guy in the face?

Yeah I heard Hernandez didn’t have a license for the firearm, could the accuser Bradley have been the one who’s gun it was and he let Aaron handled the weapon and during being careless the weapon went off?

I’ve heard of so many people being in the wrong place at the wrong time or knowing the wrong people at the wrong time.

Just look back at history and how many great famous people who made it outta the gutter get drawn into things their friends and family did only to be found innocent Puffy Snoop Jay Z Ray Lewis the list goes on.

Before you go convicting a great guy on what is released & fabricated by the media think about the possibilities

Yes I’m well aware that this story is highly unlikely but so are the chances a guy who helps the community and makes millions of dollars a year would commit murder

Update June 20, 2013 @ 3:15pm

More info has been released regarding the Chevy rented in Hernadez name. Word from neighbors of the victim is it was towed from his Dorchester home the day after his body was found & that he had been driving it during the last week.

There’s also been reports that Aaron’s home security system recently was broken, along with the phone turned over to police by his attorney.

There’s also been reports that this murder is stemming from marijuana.

No matter what I hear from the media I say Aaron Hernandez is innocent and so does our justice system




Being a die hard RedSox fan and Native American I’ve always rooted for Ellsbury, he’s proven time and time again that he’s able to take ball games over.

I’ve found it harder and harder to continue to cheer for a guy who year in year out is sidelined by injury.

Ill argue the 2014 Boston RedSox Roster will not include Ellsbury’s speed and glove.

The question for the 2013 roster is do they trade jacoby or ride out this season and try and talk down the price of what I consider MLB fine china.

Known to be stunning even amazing yet must be cared for and handled with extreme caution while requiring a premium price, many would say both Ellsbury and premium fine china are both over priced as well.

Jacoby Ellsbury also has an agent who’s got a proven track record for getting his clients the most money available, some have chose the money over a championship.

I dunno, for me when your making millions to play a game you supposedly love I’d play for a contender at a discount any day over playing for a perennial loser for a record breaking contract.

It’s no secret the Sox have some great prospects, there’s some lively ball players from single A all the way up to Yawkey Way.

I’m willing to bet that with the recent groin injury suffered, if Jackie Bradley Jr can start swinging a hot bat and Jose Iglesias continues to play a decent hot corner we could witness a few home grown Sox players shipping outta Boston for a strong veteran pitcher.

Will it be a couple farm hands or will it be bigger named home grown stars like Jacoby Ellsbury and Will Middlebrooks?

As the old battle for first place goes on so will the battle of what’s the next best move for the next World Series championship in Boston….