Daddy & Dom’s Tut Tarts

Posted: January 20, 2013 in family, food, recipes, Uncategorized


Who doesn’t love their favorite pastry for breakfast? Having a 3 yr old who is a rather picky eater who loves tut tarts morning noon and night we decided to try and make our own.

This was our first run at it and our ingredients were as follows…

Ready to Bake Pie Crust
Homemade Frosting

Set your oven to 425 now spread your pie crust and start cutting out some fun shapes. Remember to make a top and bottom.

Our next batch we will make our own pie crust. If you buy ready bake pie crust be sure to let your crust become room temp prior to handling.

When your cutting out shapes be sure to have a surface that pie crust doesn’t stick to, wax paper works great.

The fillings are limitless, just look how many actual pop tart flavors are available. We chose nutella for the nutrition and the taste works great alone.

Spread a pretty even later of your favorite topping and stay back off the edges about n 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Once your satisfied with your fill take the top piece of the shape and place on top. If you don’t have a crimper sealer thing a fork will work fine to go around the edges to seal up your tasty “Tut-Tart”.

When properly sealed place your heavily snacks on a NON STICK NON GREASED cook sheet. Do not grease the sheet.

Depending on oven cooking length may vary from 4-8 minutes. Like I said this was our first batch so we haven’t perfected anything just yet. I will say keep an eye watch the crust cook.

I’m looking forward to expanding our pouch ingredients I’d like to try some fruit fillings, which would be similar to a turnover.

The last and final step in making your own “Tut-Tart” is frosting and sprinkling the top outter layer. Mommy made a great frosting out of confectioners’ Sugar and Cream, I’m not sharing this tasty topper because it’s special like “we’d have to kill ya if we told ya” type special.


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