Full of Pride and Joy

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20121101-215100.jpgI stare at this picture of my 3 sons and sometimes become speechless other times I get these intense emotions that run thru my body. Goose bumps neck hairs stand up, those kinda emotions.

My oldest son 14yrs old playin his first year of real organized youth football. I’ve always known he was a great athlete, after all I am his dad and I also had the pleasure of being his coach in youth baseball a few yrs back. He just dominated and over powered the entire league. He used to drive me crazy when he wouldn’t run out ground balls.

Watchin him carry the ball for the first time and literally carrying 5 Winthrop kids for 7 yards was a teary eyed moment for this daddy. Watchin him lineup at defensive tackle and wreak havoc in offensive backfields makes me grin with almost an arrogant pride. Hearing parents cheer on the team then ask who’s that big boy makes me wanna shout “THAT’S MY SON”. I don’t tho I’m trying to teach these 3 young boys how to be great men. I let his play do the talkin, I gotta practice what I preach.

Watchin my 9yr old playing his second year of organized youth football is like night and day to watchin the big boy play.

My 9yr old is a completely different player with a completely different build. He’s lean mean and super fast. God was watchin a football game when he was writing his script.

I’ll never forget running 89yrds along the sidelines yelling cheering crying watching him take the very first handoff of the year, actually it was the very first handoff he had ever taken, 89 yards for a touchdown. He’s so fast and nimble, he can stop cut and go without changing speeds, he’s like a deer, fun to watch run wild. He’s an absolute animal on defense, he makes great tackles, makes solid hits, he just plays football the way football was meant to be played. Problem is he’s well aware of how good he is and doesn’t understand some kids learn games at different speeds. He’s the kid doing TD dances (his dances are actually good if he wasn’t my son) I’m the dad screamin give the ref the ball, beggin his coaches to bench him.

I guess the best way to explain it is he’s learned to play the game very well but he hasn’t learned to respect the game. I hate showboat players, just how I was brought up. My papa always said “if your good enough to talk about how good you are people will do it” well many have talked about how good he is and many have let him kno how good they think he is.

This being his second yr and growing a lil older he is doing much better then last yr. He actually moved up from Titans to Crusaders this year. I was really hoping an older kid would pop him a few times, it just hasn’t happened, even tho he’s one of the youngest kids on the field he still dominates and out plays most kids.

Then there’s my 3yr old who teaches me so much on a daily basis. Going from a car sales man working 75-80hrs a wk to a stay at home football dad has been a huge learning lesson.

Just like watchin his older brothers play ball I get to live these awesome daddy moments with him.

I’ll never forget the first time puttin him on a 2 wheeler bike at Walmart. He got on that thing and took off like he’d been riding a bike since birth, made me so proud I walked around the store recording him for a half hour. We had to buy that bike, there was no way I could take him off it I just couldn’t do it. Watching his confidence grow from timidly fumbling his way around the bike to pedal at speeds I had to basically jog to keep up with him was amazing.

It’s not always proud sunshiny days being the daddy of 3 amazing sons, but what it is is a constant look in the mirror. My direct actions reflect who and what these young boys become. If I’m yelling at the ref for missing a holding call or not calling something what are my boys gonna do when they don’t agree with an authority figure?

Maybe the greatest lesson I’ve learned in life is humility. I try on a regular basis to show my sons that the small things are usually the meaningful things, if we can be comfortably humble the big glorious things will be all that much more rewarding.

Another life lesson learned is doing the next right thing usually causes the right outcome. It’s the greedy selfish acts that leave ya feeling defeated. When your greedy you can never enjoy what ya got cause ya always want more and always worrying about what it is you got.

All this is my pride and joy, I love being the daddy of 3 amazing boys, just makes me feel old that one is quickly becoming a great young man.

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