Brady & Patriots have a message for Jets Don’t Call It A Come Back We’ve Been Here For Years

Posted: October 18, 2012 in news, sports
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Week 7 has much more meaning then most thought it would when The Patriots 2012-13 schedule came out. Nobody in Patriots Nation thought there would be a tie for first place in the AFCE, never mind a bunch of 3-3 teams.

I remember when a Patriots/Jets game was “The Tuna Bowl” this meant war. Bill Parcells went from hero to villain literally over night in New England.

He came in as our savior to start the 1993 season, in a short 2 years he led this organization from laughing stock to a 10-6 record heading into the playoffs for the first time in 8 yrs. We embraced The Big Tuna, we made him out to be bigger then life as many fish stories are.

During the 1996 NFL Draft Parcells wanted to draft defensively but the real savior of this model NFL franchise overruled him and demanded Patriots draft an Ohio State WR named Terry Glenn, officially the beginning of the end for Big Tuna in Foxboro.

Robert Kraft a longtime Patriot fan had bought into the team years prior but in January of 94 the NFL approved his then record setting offer of $175 million to purchase the lowly Patriots, saving the team from going to St. Louis. This was an over the top offer considering the Patriots hadn’t reached the playoffs in many yrs.

The 96 season would be one to tell your grand kids about, an appearance in Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers. Everyone in New England remembers how it panned out, we also remember Parcells departing from the Super Bowl loss alone, private flight without the team.

Super Bowl XXXI final score Packers 35 Patriots 21, I still can’t stand the sight of Desmond Howard.

All during the Super Bowl run there were rumors flying all over about Bill and Mr. Kraft having disagreements and Parcells wanting more control over who would play on his team. Maybe even leaving the Pats because of the power struggles.

If he was cooking the dinner he wanted to pick out the groceries.

The solo flight spoke volumes, but nothing was louder or clearer then the New York Jets press conference introducing their new head coach Bill “Big Tuna” Parcells.

Being Boston brewed, born & raised, your brought up to hate anything New York. I leave “N” and “Y” out of the alphabet sometimes because of New York.

This was the ultimate betrayal, leaving Patriots camp to travel up i90 the Mass Pike to NY, on top of the sour taste we all had from the handling of
SB XXXI. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill received death threats from some morons back here in Boston.

I know everyone was waiting for the 97 NFL schedule to come out to see when the Patriots & Jets would meet. It was the first official Tuna Bowl, September 14, 1997.

I remember that game like it was this morning. Traffic was backed up for miles upon miles along rt. 1 in Foxboro. People had been tailgating for days it seemed. I was able to grab a set of 2 tickets so I grabbed my cousin thinking this would be great as his first Patriots game “Tuna Bowl 1”

We had a blast, upon entrance to the old Foxboro Stadium event staff were handing out pompoms. We stood the whole game shaking them damn things screaming cheering calling Parcells every name in the book. My cousin called me in the morning telling me he must have fallen he couldn’t move his left arm, that’s what violently beating a pompom for 5 hours will do to you.

The game was a classic, an overtime Patriots win 27-24 that had a last second field goal blocked by Patriots.

I know Boston/New York games have always been a rivalry but I truly believe it took a whole new meaning after this game.

With the Patriots dominating the AFCE for the last decade plus the games kind of lost the flavor. That is until Rex Ryan arrived in NY and popped off with the infamous kiss the rings quote, followed by more trash talking.

The final revival was the Jets knocking off the Patriots in the playoffs a couple years back.

It was January 7, 2011 Patriots were heavy favorites heading into the Championship game at Gillette. Unfortunately the Jets came out on top 28-21, making the hatred all that much greater.

Since then Brady & company are 2-0 against the Jets out scoring them by 30 points (67-37)

Funny thing is these teams have met 105 times the series is split 52-1-52 this game Sunday is much more then another Pats/Jets game this is for soul position of first place, this will give one team the edge head to head by a game.

Even more so it’s a great game to get this wounded secondary of the Patriots rolling. It’s no secret this young secondary has been struggling. Giving up more big plays then any other NFL team, and being hampered by a couple injuries. It’s also a good game to lace up the cleats a little tighter and play some smash mouth football.

I’d like to say this game will be won in the trenches but the Pats have the ability to beat this team in all areas.

Passing Game –
It’s not even close I’ll put my money on
Brady Welker Gronk Hernandez & Lloyd
any day over Sanchez and company

Running Game –
Again the Pats completely dominate here. The trio of Ridley Bolden & Woodhead have been deadly, racking up multiple 200+ yrd games. Yes the Jets were very productive last week running the ball but they weren’t facing this new and improved front seven.

Defense –
I’ll lay it all on the line taking this Patriots defense, especially after the showing they had last week making Russell Wilson look like a first ballot HOFer. I expect big things out of this defense, just as they’ve come up with big play after big play this year what I don’t expect is giving up the big plays or the pass interference calls for 40-50 yards.

I’m going out on a limb and predicting my New England Patriots to come out and play a full 60 minutes. I expect them to come out fast, get a lead and keep their foot on the neck of the Jets, force a couple turn overs maybe even a defensive touchdown.

I have to follow my heart and stay true to who I am, after Sunday the rivalry will no longer be tied nor will the AFCE as the Patriots win this with a huge improvement coming from the defense final score 38-17

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