Patriots Secondary Sloppy in Seattle

Posted: October 16, 2012 in news, sports, Uncategorized
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Well week 6 was another record setting week, unfortunately the records were receiving records set by Wes Welker in a devastating Patriots loss to Seattle Seahawks.

The Patriots had multiple opportunities to put the Seahawks away. The first being the closing seconds of the first half where bad clock management followed by an intentional grounding call ended the half.

Patriots could have easily kicked a field goal with 6 seconds on the clock but chose to go for the kill. When Brady missed a wide open Gronk in the corner of the endzone and Branch got held up at the goal line he was forced to throw it away, Branch would have been where Brady threw the ball had he broke free. The play ended with 1 second on the clock and with the intentional grounding call came a 10 second run off, ending the half 17-10.

The Patriots were only able to score 6 points in the second half while Russell Wilson looked like the grizzled vet, not the “too short” rookie who still hasn’t completed 20 passes in a single NFL game.

Patriots had a great defensive stand to open the second half with Spikes stuffing Lynch for a 4 yard loss then Chandler Jones picked up his second sack (5 on the season) of the game to make it third and 19. Seahawks were forced to punt after a Turbin run.

After CBS flashed that Brady hadn’t thrown a pick in 172 attempts we all knew it was coming, never thinking two picks would come, one being a redzone pick.

Again it was the secondary giving up the big play and being called for pass interference. The Patriots were burned for 6 big plays, three of them going for 46, 50 and 51 yds. The front 7 played another great game, forcing 2 fumbles and shutting down a great RB in Marshawn Lynch, 15 carries for 41 yds.


I’m not sure why the run was abandoned, Patriots finished with over 75 yds by the trio of Ridley (16/34) Bolden (6/28) and Woodhead (4/25). Brady threw the ball a career high 58 times for 395 yds 2 TD and 2 Int. The first TD came on the second drive of the game, a 46yd catch and run to Welker. The second TD was a sweet touch pass to Hernandez.

Can we please give this O Line a hand. To start the season they were a big concern and have been nothing short of spectacular the last couple of weeks, between protecting Brady and opening gaping lanes for the running game.

To say the Seahawks beat the Patriots would be a lie. The Patriots had this game and let it slip away, as we’ve seen in previous games this year.

Going into week 7 at 3-3 losing three games by a combined 4 points is heartbreaking especially when you have the best offense in the NFL.

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