After Further Review The Play Stands

Posted: September 11, 2012 in family, news, sports
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Down set hut 1 hut 2….

Thats just one of the great sounds I enjoyed this past wknd along with catching the great New England Patriots destroy the Tennessee Titans.

Boy what a joy it is watching your sons play football. Just a few wks ago I wasn’t sure if I’d be sideline dad at all. It was really looking like this season would be more of a scrimmage tour thru the New England area.

Sunday was opening kickoff for Chelsea Pride Crusaders. The team, many parents & several volunteers woke early Sunday morning to meet at the field at 6am to make the trip to Framingham. We finally had a real game to play, this wasn’t just another scrimmage this was a big deal.

Crusaders were the team to start the entire day of festivities & football. I’m not sure if there was really a coin toss but Framingham kicked off. Chelsea had some ball control issues returning the kickoff, as you would expect when having 22 lil guys running around after a football.

Once these 2nd & 3rd graders took the field all that mattered was that memory that was being created play after play tackle after tackle.

Chelsea called out for the 1st offense & 14 guys took the field, coach had to send a few back to the sidelines. First few plays were outside runs that eventually ended in a TD the very 1st of this great 2012 season.

Chelsea kickoff team hurried onto the field after the extra point. After a towering 13 yrd boot Framingham offense took the field and gave Chelsea all it could handle.

Both squads played their hearts out, giving it all they had. Framingham has one of the best youth football programs I’ve seen in quite some time. They had 36 guys suited up & ready to put their pads to work. Chelsea had 15 Crusaders suited up.

The stands were packed, standing room only. Cheerleaders were warming up everywhere as were the other teams who would later take the field.

I’m not sure what the score was at halftime, honestly it didn’t matter if it was 50-0 or all tied up all that mattered was hundreds of kids were starting off their football season.

The 2nd half opened with Chelsea kicking off to Framingham, with another Gostkowski like boot and a great return from Framingham we were off and playing good old American Football.

Watching all the kids having the time of their life, smiling ear to ear, running around having a blast was like a dream. As the battle continued the score was all tied up heading into the last couple minutes of the 4th quarter. Chelsea had the ball and was putting together a great drive. They had just got in the redzone when a broken play ended in a fumble recovery by Framingham. With just a couple minutes to play and about 85 yrds to go this great game would be ending in a tie. Well like in any football game & on any given Sunday it ain’t over till the fat lady is singer her tune. Framingham bounced a run outside and a few broken tackles later it was Framingham up by a score.

Of course the guys suited up in Chelsea Pride Red & Black were heart broken, but both teams met at the 50 to officially end the game with a handshake & good game.

This day was so much more then another football filled Sunday. There were some life long memories & possibly friendships created.

The Framingham team recently bought an inflatable football helmet with their logo on the side to run thru when entering the field, similar to what the Patriots use, equip with smoke machine and all. Both teams got to enter thru the helmet, some kids were more excited about running thru the helmet then to play ball.

After the game Framingham had hotdogs, burgers, candy, soda you name they had it set up for the 2 teams who had just played. They really welcomed the entire Chelsea Pride Program and we left there feeling like family.

Everyone had a blast, I was pretty amazed at how well all the lil kids held it together since they got out of bed sometime around 5am & I’m sure many were up late filled with excitement. I didn’t get much sleep myself, felt like Christmas eve and I wasn’t even playing. Having only 15 guys Chelsea wasn’t left with many subs, you could see the exhaustion in the kids after having hotdogs & hamburgers & all the adrenaline stopped rushing thru their bodies.

Now it’s time to prepare for next Sunday, another road trip. Looks like this entire season that was in question is going to be salvaged. It’s going to take some real dedication and lots of effort from all involved, Chelsea is probably gonna need some new faces to step up and step in as many families have multiple children playing. With all the changes that are gonna happen some teams will be traveling to different fields on the same day which will reduce the options for transportation & carpooling. In a perfect world a bus company or livery service might offer to donate a ride one week. Who knows how it will happen all that’s known at this time is it will happen.

One of the amazing things about the community of Chelsea is that when we all come together and stand tall mountains can be moved.

We will be having a raffle coming up soon, one of the awesome items that’ll be part of the raffle is a Willie McGinest autographed New England Patriots helmet that he donated to the program. It really doesn’t take much to make a huge change in a child’s life, hundreds of children benefit from Chelsea Pride as do hundreds of adults.

Chelsea Pride is a non-profit organization that could use a lil help.

We could surely use some more uniforms. With the funds available kids are given 1 pair of pants, these are to be worn a few days a week during practice & then again on Sunday.

Some kids come from below poverty level homes and their families can’t afford cleats or snacks/drinks for games & practice.

Chelsea Pride has a storage container that’s been partially donated to store what they do have, if it had shelves to organize all the equipment & safety supplies it would makes things more productive.

Food & beverage donations that could be resold at the concession stand would always be a great help to.

I would like to remind people that Chelsea Pride is a non profit organization providing young boys & girls the tools needed to become great men & women.

Being a non profit organization donations may be a tax deduction. If you are interested in helping out in any way you can email me for more info

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about this season & I’m more then ready for some football……





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