Chelsea Pride Just Wants To Play

Posted: August 21, 2012 in family, news, sports
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This is another follow up/update to what’s happening with Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer.

This has really been a roller coaster ride for all involved, ups & downs but mostly down.

As I mentioned before Chelsea Pride’s president recently stepped down & Pride officials voted in a new president, Jack. Jack is a Chelsea native, I mean Jack has an old Red Devils tattoo on his shoulder from his High School football days, he’s what Chelsea Pride is all about.

Here’s a lil story about Jack, who again is more Chelsea then most would admit. As a young kid Jack was a big boy, probably would have been an offensive lineman & a nose guard on defense. Notice I used would have been? Jack was to big to play pop warner football, he was turned away because of his size. Jack had wanted to play football so badly he probably counted down the days until he’d be able & asked to play high school ball. While playing ball his sophomore yr Jack forever injured his knees. Unable to play football & wanting to participate in any way possible Jack became the team mascot. Here’s where youth football comes into play… Jack attributes his injury to inexperience on the football field. Some may say how does experience prevent an injury? Well when you play football you become aware of your surroundings, you learn how to make tackles in a safe manner, you also learn how to absorb a hit, how to protect yourself. I’m sure you get the picture. It’s like a baby that’s fallen a few times they learn how to put their hands down or brace themselves so their head doesn’t bounce off the ground. Maybe just maybe if Jack had the option to play youth football, he would have learned the game, would have had the same football awareness and skill set of those that had played maybe 5-8 years more then he.

I truly wish folks could move beyond what happened last yr or even the last few weeks & focus all that energy on making the future better. I also believe that Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer continuing to be an organization that teaches children much more then a game or some cheer leading cheers is a benefit to the future of Chelsea as well as all the communities that would add at least 2 games a yr to their schedules as well as increase competition for cheerleaders when entering contests. I guess NEC thinks an error in judgement constitutes all that being taken away. Just doesn’t sound right to me.

Some good has come from this as the girls are now All-Star Cheer Leaders, not that they weren’t already All-Stars but now they are recognized by the All-Star organization. I don’t have a daughter in cheer but do have some good cheer stories coming in my upcoming blogs.

I have to say I’m truly amazed by the hard work & dedication these kids have shown. Imagine being informed that your season has been canceled just 2 weeks prior to your 1st game and still showing up for every practice? How about the news breaking world wide via news papers & internet
& kids are still showing up to register? Yes we lost a couple kids, 4 so far but we’ve signed up 3 new kids, maybe more I know of 3. The newest Chelsea Pride Football player is Allan, he signed up tonight during practice. He is 7 yrs old never played football before and he’s BIG, maybe the lowest body fat percentage on his new team, he’s just a BIG boy. What a great addition he’s going to be, reminded me of Christian Okoye The Nigerian Nightmare. He is a big 7 yr old. I had the pleasure of meeting his father this evening at practice & he was so happy his son was able to play, he had already been told his son was to big for pop warner. I think Allan’s dad might have been having more fun watching then Allan had playing football for the very first time.

Chelsea Pride has been doing all it can to schedule some scrimmages, as the seasons for youth football start in about a week. Here’s one of the things that really makes many question the “concerned citizen” aka CPW president’s motives in requesting an investigation into Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer, the timing. With seasons kicking off in a week or so, jamborees going on everywhere this wknd it was known that Pride would be hard pressed to get into another league. The other thing that really has me steaming & questioning her motives is she made false accusations in her email requesting the investigation. She admitted this after a sit down with a new Pride official. I really haven’t complained much about what she did because I’m a firm believer in don’t do the crime if ya not willing to do the time, my problem is the time is above & beyond the crime, but if the error hadn’t been made she doesn’t have anything to request an investigation about. My other problem is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, I’m not going to expose any violations CPW has made as it would affect the young men & women who pour their hearts & souls out for that league. I will expose that the Chelsea pop warner pres works for a Chelsea non profit organization that’s supported CPW, made donations to CPW but hasn’t donated a football to Pride. I was under the impression that when a city/town non profit makes a donation they are to make it to all like organizations, if you give to one give to the other. Think that has anything to do with her working for the organization? I do.

Here’s where things have got better, the Gladiators coach has been working his tail off to make sure these kids aren’t left in the dark. He was able to find 4 city/towns that would squeeze Pride in for scrimmage/games this season.

Here’s the problem, none are close by surrounding communities so transporting a couple hundred kids to the other side of the state or even out of state as a New Hampshire team is willing to play Pride is hoing to be hard. Who knows maybe a gaudrian angel will appear with buses, who knows how but we will get every last kid anywhere needed to play or cheer.

During these trying times Chelsea Pride is going thru, many have lost site what youth sports are all about. HINT it’s in the name & it’s not sports. Many have attacked the error of last season saying kids were taught to cheat, a giant was brought in to help the team win and there’s been other remarks that make me wanna shake the sh!t out of the person talking outta the side of their necks. Nobody has taught Pride kids cheating is the way, the issue was hush hush, it wasn’t bragged about, no players were taken aside & told hey we want to bring you back next year to play for the Titans even though your going to be 9 yrs old or any team & age for that matter. The player wasn’t brought in to win games on the football field but he was brought in to be under the watchful eye of some great coaches & mentors while winning in life. He was taken in by somebody who cares enough about the kids of Chelsea to put his own neck on the line, and that’s what was thought. The penalty for the error made last year under NEC rules which is the league Chelsea Pride used to belong to is a $500 fine & president steps down, I’d take that fine & penalty any day to save a kids life. I’d also like to let people know he was 2 months past the age cut off, playing against his peers, he wasn’t some 18 19 yr old who dominated the league, he didn’t hurt any opposing players like the fabricated story. Many people have said the whole story isn’t being told, what more is to tell? A young man played when he shouldn’t have, somebody outside of Chelsea Pride knew about, knew last year about it while it was going on yet chose to request an investigation once her numbers dropped, chose to do this weeks before the season started. Was this in hopes that some Pride kids would switch? I don’t know her true motives but I can speculate and her email followed by admitting her statement he injured players was false doesn’t support her claim that she was concerned for the well being of kids playing for & against Pride. Something I found funny was her statement that she hadn’t slept since this all came out & her reason for a lack of sleep which was BS, she hasn’t slept because when you intentionally harm somebody or something it’s hard to sit with yourself, never mind when you attack an entire organization affecting hundreds of kids in your own community, I bet it’s hard to sleep as well as look in the mirror.

I know from experience when one door closes several open it’s just a matter of what you make of what’s on the other side of that door, I also know sometimes you find yourself stuck in the hallway trying multiple doors. That’s just what’s happening now Chelsea Pride is in the hall knocking on doors ringing phones writing letters all in hope of these kids playing some football & cheerleading. If your doors open or you have the key to an open door let Chelsea Pride know.

I can be reached on twitter @bobbyblanco1 or you can contact Chelsea Pride via Facebook!/chelsea.pride.54?v=info&__user=1330421304



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