We Are Standing Tall With Pride

Posted: August 16, 2012 in family, sports

I’m writing to give a small update about what has transpired in the days since the Chelsea Pop Warner president requested an investigation into Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer…

If your wondering what’s this all about read my previous blogs otherwise settle in and get ready to help….

Since the request for an investigation by CPW, the youth football league Chelsea Pride was a part of has decided Chelsea Pride is no longer part it, that leaves hundreds of kids kicking rocks maybe slinging rocks for the summer.

That is unless we can all come together and put together a last minute life saving season for these dedicated kids. There are 4 squads that are finally getting their pads and are buzzing around dying to play some good old American football.

Let me describe some of the background issues at hand here.

Most importantly is the well being of all these young men & young women. If your not familiar with Chelsea take a ride through Bellingham Square, I don’t care what time you decide to do this I promise you you’ll witness jaw dropping activity. I’m talking everything from drug transactions, drug use, prostitution, gang activity and these are the problems directly in these kids faces. These young men growing up in the inner city are always targets, as are the young women. Many of these kids come from broken homes, low income homes and see the older crews sporting the big gold chains driving the nice cars with big rims. Flashing rolls of money that many kids dream of having. It’s no secret how these flashy things are obtain, through drugs & sex. The hand to hand transactions that happen like its ok in the Bellingham Square area will have you asking how & why. Once the sun goes down and dusk sets in the movement triples maybe quadruples and the women of the evening start to appear. The man making the most profit off all these activities probably drives through a few times to see how business is and to see if any new “employees” are around. That’s what I mean when I say these kids are targeted. They get propositioned to make a little extra money make a few quick moves, all it takes is one & your hooked. The same goes for the young ladies but they are also propositioned to “dance” which really becomes prostitution.

This is the type of stuff waiting for these young men & young women without Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer.

Many people say well there’s CPW, well many of these kids aren’t “qualified” to play Pop Warner Football. Some are considered to small and some are considered to big. That’s the great thing about Youth Football, that huge kid who is going to be begged by his high school football coach to play wouldn’t know the first thing about how to play if it was just PW out there, instead he’s able to learn the fundamentals of football while becoming a great young man, being accepted by Youth Football. What about the young ladies? There’s no size restriction for cheerleaders. Well if they wanted to participate in PW that’s where they’d be, there’s a reason why kids & families are walking away from Pop Warner & playing Youth instead.

Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer has decided that laying down isn’t in the cards. Being notified 2 weeks prior to the season opener that there is no longer a season doesn’t work, not for this community. We will have a football season & we will continue to grow as an organization that’s much more than football & cheer, Chelsea Pride is a community coming together as one as one big happy family.

Chelsea Pride along with the rest of our former league already had the season set up, fields have been reserved, family vacations rearranged, extended family flying in for particular games from around the world not just around the state or country, I’m telling you this death penalty over errant paper work is affecting the world.

Chelsea Pride officials begged for the right to finish this season and look for another league to join for next year, what’s the harm in that?

Here’s a little more background issues that Pride has overcome just as they will overcome this last obstacle.

Chelsea Pride was started a few years back by a few natives of Chelsea, thing is money brings out evil in many, brings out greed, brings out dishonesty and with all that some head officials were miss using funds, not paying vendors, skimming off the top. When all this came to light there really wasn’t anyone to lead this great group so a gentleman who was equipment manager became president by default. Last year was his first season, imagine working 2 sometimes 3 jobs, being a great dad to your own children, then trying to manage and save a youth program that was on the ropes from previous mishandling. Every move was under a magnifying glass, and there was an error. Instead of bringing this error to the attention of Chelsea Pride the Chelsea Pop Warner President went directly to the head league officials, knowing the past issues Pride overcame, knowing that Pride was on thin ice. She sent an email describing herself as a concerned citizen, never blowing her cover as President of CPW, then ended the email with “this is bitter sweet”. Just dawned on me what has this concerned citizen done to try & help these kids who are now without a football season or league?

What is bitter sweet about this situation? Did she think this would be the end of Chelsea Pride? Funny thing is when things like this happen 9 out of 10 times once the obstacle is overcome the bond becomes stronger, Chelsea Pride isn’t going nowhere, that’s a promise.

Chelsea Pride admitted there was an error and also promised to do everything possible to make sure an error like this never happens again. League officials agreed it wouldn’t happen again by giving Pride the death penalty. Along with Pride admitting there was an error the President stepped down and a new President has been voted in. Still the league says no games for the kids.

What to do what to do…

Chelsea has permits to play, Chelsea has fields secured to play, Chelsea has 4 football squads ready to play, Chelsea has 4 cheer leading squads ready to jump flip twist twirl and cheer on their men suited up to play the greatest sport in the world.

Thing is Chelsea doesn’t have anyone to play, if that ain’t a shame I don’t know what is.

If your asking yourself how can this happen, join the club. If your asking what can I do to help the cause, join the club and spread the word…..




If your involved in youth football or know somebody spread the word, let’s get these kids playing. I know when I played football if my coach said we had an extra game to play I would of been excited so let’s bring that excitement to these kids who are out on the practice field giving their all waiting to play the sport they love so very much the sport we all love to watch & cheer so very much AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!!

I’ll never forget running down the sidelines last year against Beverly as my son broke a run to the outside and sprinted 75 yards for a touchdown, I was running right along side him tears of joy running down my cheeks screaming GO GO GOOOOOO!!!

Please sign the petition to save Chelsea Pride


If you know of any willing contestants please contact me here or on twitter @bobbyblanco1 or you can contact Chelsea Pride through Facebook @ Facebook.com/chelsea.pride54


  1. cherie says:

    That was written perfectly

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