2012 Chelsea Pride Season

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This is my very 1st blog & after what I experienced today I thought what better to write about. I’ve also decided to make this a wkly maybe daily blog depending on how this unfolds Hopefully I’m able to write about great football games being played by some great young men and about some wonderful young ladies who cheer these young men on, it’s what we call CHELSEA PRIDE FOOTBALL & CHEER

I went to my 9yr olds football practice today & all parents & family members were asked to please have a seat in the bleachers. Some people knew about the secret some this was going to be a huge shocker and complete devastation.

Chelsea Pride Youth Football & Cheer have been told they are no longer part of
http://www.necyfl.com/ which is the area Youth Football Head. Yes these folks have decided that giving the entire Chelsea Youth Football & Cheer organization the death penalty is the proper punishment for some errant paperwork last season.

Here’s the story if you care to read it…

Last season a troubled youth known in the area was to old to play, in an effort to get this young man off the streets, any way possible, getting an extra season of eligibility & staying on the straight & narrow his errant paper work was over looked.

This young man was a great teammate, keep his nose clean the entire season, worked his butt off in every area of his life. Playing football being a productive member of his community was all that mattered to this child. He was taking out of harms way, taking out of the survive at all means necessary life style and was living a happy life putting smiles on his family members faces who had frowned so many times prior.

The entire 2011 season came & went, Chelsea Pride Football had a great turn out this season for sign ups, last yr games were forfeited due to lack of players. This yr teams have better numbers, not great but enough to put together some great squads & have a super fun filled season.

Well Chelsea Pop Warner, another non profit organization doesn’t have the numbers it’s used too. Let me clear up something, youth football teaches all kids the fundamentals of football, pop warner has many restrictions. Many kids who play for Chelsea Pride wouldn’t meet the height/weight requirements.

Suddenly the Chelsea Pop Warner President sylvia_ramirez@comcast.net sees it necessary to report this errant paper work that she knew about last season. Who knows she may have known about it before the 1st game of last season. Let me remind you last season pop warner didn’t see their numbers dip much. If the president sylvia_ramirez@comcast.net really was concerned for the BS reasons she has stated why didn’t she report it last season.

Here’s another interesting fact, a few years back Chelsea Pride Youth Football was run by a guy who embezzled money, stole tons of money, ripped off majority of the vendors he dealt with, this stand up role model is now coaching for this pop warner president who is so concerned about the kids.

When necyfl.com became aware of the errant paper work of last year they immediately suspended all Chelsea Youth Football & Cheer. Not suspension like last seasons games have to be forfeited, not a probationary term, nope Chelsea Youth Pride Football & Cheer got the death penalty.

I’m all for punishment when there’s violations. I also believe that punishment should fit the crime.

Should multiple football teams & multiple cheer leading squads get axed 2 weeks before opening day? Should literally hundreds of kids miss an entire season of football & cheer? Should parents be out hundreds of dollars on equipment they bought for this upcoming season? Should the rest of the league have to rearrange their schedules now? Should the kids of Beverly & Lynn along with all the cities & towns Chelsea Pride plays this season have to miss out?

There’s no doubt that some sort of action needs to be taken but turning all these kids dreams into nightmares, legit for some kids. I played football all my life, I help out with whatever coaches need me to do. Some of these kids don’t want to go home, some of these kids die to be out of the chaos they live in and on the football field. Some of these parents have dropped their kids off and said you gotta feed him he hasn’t eaten today. Some of these kids need Chelsea Youth Football to stay out of the streets & out of jail or DYS lock up.

There needs to be another way besides ending an entire football organization for breaking rules in the journey of saving a young man’s life. Down south this happens regularly, kids are kept back in school to play an extra year of football.

The young man who was basically an honor citizen while under the watchful eye of so many mentors in the Chelsea Youth Football organization was incarcerated a short time after football season ended last year. Many will say the streets got em. Maybe so but it’s never to late to save a life and it’s never a good time to kill a football & cheer program and turn kids to the streets.

I may have shared this in a bias manner but I’m deeply involved and truly enjoy seeing young boys become young men while learning how to play football. I just wanna see Chelsea Pride Football & Cheer continue to be a success and watch it grow.





North East Conference Youth Football League

  1. Brenda Lesley says:

    This was wonderfully written. Do you mind if I share?

    • bobbyblanco1 says:

      Please do share & thanks so much. We need all the help & support we can get to save this tremendous youth football program, this is about kids please share & feel free to let anyone & everyone know your thoughts. Thank you for reading

  2. Kim says:

    If the leagues officials went to every town they would most likely find the same issue. My children are in there 30’s and it was happening back then. I have two grandchildren in football because they love it and it keeps them off the mean city streets. Why did this woman wait so long to reveal this BIG SECRET is what is puzzling to me. The way the world is going with nosey big mouthed selfish people there will be no outdoor sports. Soon our children will be in the house playing modern electronic sports rather than outside learning social skills. the volunteers just barely have time to devote to the kids never mind having to take time to defend themselves for saving kids. Let’s all remember the many many hours the volunteers put in to SAVE THE KIDS FROM GETTING SUCKED INTO THE MEAN STREETS

  3. el jeffe jr. says:

    Well it’s pretty obvious she cares nothing for the children of the city if so the guy who failed chelsea pride a season ago by stealing and failing at an attempt at his own life would not be associated with her program. What’s even more troubling is the fact that being from the same SMALL city all she had to do was address the board of pride to let them know she was worried. I feel for the kids that are under her program. What are they learning? When we misbehave as adults it’s our children who watches….. When we are spiteful and vindictive as adults it’s our children who learns…When we fail as adults it’s children who suffer…. When will we ever wake up and think about HOW we raise our children is exactly the way they will grow. Now i am not stating what pride did was proper in falsifying documents. to even say they were saving a child is a stretch because as adults we know better and another avenue should have been explored to help this young man out whom seems to still be in trouble! It’s not what we do but why we do it! And god bless them for having the right idea just misplaced in their actions!! As a pride volunteer i stay positive in knowing our season will commence! We have a great board, great staff, great group of kids.

  4. Amanda burley says:

    Silvia is all about power. She wants her group to be the best so it looks good on her. She does not care about any of these children!

  5. Cris Castro says:

    I’d never believe I’d ever say this, but I believe Pop Warner should be boycotted in response to disbanning the Chelsea Pride. Lord knows Pop Warner is filled w/their own skeletons. Boycott Pop Warner until Chelsea Pride can be reinstituted. It’s absolutely aweful what they’re putting these kids through. There’s no shame or caring in the place where it matters most: the children of our community!

  6. Let’s go, and let go of last years issues. The focus should be always on the children and how we can help them. Why punish the kids, locking them out? These kids need the community to come together and show compassion and good will. There are so many kids at risk, who’s lives can be dramatically influenced for the better. When Children feel left out, when a group of adults turn their back on them, what can we expect but anger and feelings of exclusion. Is this the message we want to send. “You don’t belong, Chelsea is out.” Come on let’s teach compassion, and acceptance along with football. There is no room for a politicle football here, just a game ball. Let the children play.

  7. LIZZ says:

    This all sounds like politics, these are our children, our so called future…do these people understand the terrible message you are sending to them. YOU are telling them, they do not count, they don’t matter, they are expendable..i say shame on you!!if adult cause the problems, punish the adults! Are the adults really in this for the children, if they are prove it!! stand behind them, protect them, and allow them to be children! NOT CHESS PIECES!

    • Fight for Pride says:

      Do you know what’s really bothering me right now???? I read the email that was sent to the NECYFL. The director of Chelsea PopWarner was mainly concerned about players safety. That’s all well and fine. But, don’t contradict your self when you allow a coach to come on your staff that 2yrs ago, cause he didn’t like these kid, managed to put them through hell at practices till they decided to quit. 1 of the players went home all bruised up that the parent had to admit him to the hospital.. And she’s concerned about player safety??? That one coach is also breaking a MIAA rule by recruiting kids. How come nothing is being said about that???

  8. tammy says:

    why would u want to take away something that makes the kids happy and off the streets away from them that is wrong chelsea needs chelsea pride to stay happy these kids CHELSEA PRIDE IS THE BEST and all the people who put in their time to be there with those kids are amazing people KEEP CHELSEA PRIDE PLEASE DO IT FOR THE KIDS

  9. Joanne Rivera says:

    I support CHELSEA PRIDE!!!!! It’s all about the kids. I think that she reported this because she wants the numbers and that is not right. There is a reason parent prefer Chelsea Pride over Chelsea Pop Warner and that is because every child gets a chance to play. Because they are truly about the kids!!

  10. Martha says:

    It should also be noted the person sharing this worked with Pop Warner for years what are you bitter now?

    • Martha says:

      Cherie.. Also why was my previous post not approved? Can’t handle brin challengedv

    • kim says:

      Martha, Martha, Martha, Who are you refering too? The person sharing this worked with Pop Warner? Who EXACTLY is that? It sounds to me like you don’t have your FACTS straight?

      • martha says:

        Person who I found this through on Facebook. I dont need to sit here and argue with you I obviously know who I am talking about its just interesting that someone who was an affiliate of Pop Warner and not even from chelsea is this interested in this.

  11. Tony Kosuk says:

    As a born and raised Chelsea man Id like to speak my mind, Lets all remember these leaguse should be ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. For years in all sports the parents become the focus instead of the children. Its a shame. Also there are bad seeds in every league weather Pop Warner…Pride…Little league etc. PLEASE do not let the bad seeds make you judge all of the people. There are many parents adn Adults in both organizations that work hard and are there for the kids. I wish all the bad would be taken from these leagues but playing sports all my life……I know that will not Happen.

  12. cdmoraes214 says:

    To be completely honest I coached for C.P.W. for years and now coach for Pride.. I do not have any hard feelings about Pop Warner in general. Although I 100% feel that what was done viciously happened to be done by the C.P.W. Pres. who preaches she only wants whats right for the kids of the community. Unfortunately, that was meant only if they don’t play for Pride. Where are these kids that cant play for P.W. going to end up? I know the men who brought P.W. to Chelsea would be heartbroken. I hope she realizes what she has done by “doing what’s right”… It’s just a sin.. I never thought a youth program pres. especially C.P.W.’s pres. would ever not think of ALL the kids in this community.

    • Martha says:

      If pop warner did something similar people would be pissed off when the truth came out but because it’s pride and pop Warner did the right thing you’re upset. There are plenty of places to put your kids to play sports don’t act like Chelsea is that disenfranchised.

      • bobbyblanco1 says:

        The “right” thing would have been addressing the issue with Pride Officials, if that didn’t work then you move to the next in command. With all the problems the former Pride officials caused prior to the new President it was known that any violation or concerns would put the program at risk of just this the death penalty. If Sylvia was so concerned about doing right and this wasnt a revenge or cold hearted attack why did she end here email “this is bitter sweet”

        Why are people making it seem as thought the player with errant paperwork was some giant man playing with boys when he really was only playing with his peers and his age cut is off by a few months not years not even a year.

        You seem to rurn this into a personal issue, this is about the children having a place to play. As I stated before some kids dont make the minimum weight, like my son who is a great athlete in great shape but weighs less then the pop warner requirement or the big linemen who are tall & built like a lineman should be, they are considered to heavy by PW standards. Keep this about the kids, thats where it all went wrong

  13. cdmoraes214 says:

    I have no idea who you even are… I have NO way of approving anything that would be the blog administrator. You will have to ask him why it wasn’t approved….. My guess from the approved posts is that it was inappropriate …but that’s just a guess… Don’t know what your problem with me is…. I’m only here helping the kids of a community I grew up in!

  14. cdmoraes214 says:

    And again I can’t stress enough…this has nothing to do with pop Warner….. Only reason p.w. is even brought up is because c.p.w. pres. Is the person that sent the email asking for an investigation…..

  15. cdmoraes214 says:

    Just noticed the comment that was made about not being from Chelsea….since you specifically used my name… Just going to throw it out here and let everyone know…..I was bornin Chelsea, raised in Chelsea, and raised my kids in Chelsea until 6 years ago….my kids being adults now goes to show how well you know me…apparently Kim hit the nail on the head…. You def don’t have your FACTS straight

  16. bobbyblanco1 says:

    I got lots of response from this blog. Some good same attacking me some sayin what they thought was right ir wrong.

    My son is NOT OVER WEIGHT but he is in extremely good shape and wouldnt make the minimum weight requirement to play pop warner, even though he is one of the tougher kids on his team, I would perhaps pound for pound he is the toughest kid, thats the reason my son plays youth football, unlike the nasty remarks some wrote about “fat” kids.

    I was also asked did I think what happened was right? Hard to say, but it is really easy to accept error when its made by a machine, no matter what the error is, but when a human makes an error wether it be mental error clerical error driving error any human error we wanna jump all over it. The bottom line has been buried by ego and selfishness Chelsea Youth Football & Cheer along with CPW are for our children to enjoy sports while learning to become young men & young ladies. Thats what is at hand our future. Maria had commented, seems she thinks Pride shoulda dide long ago, your not from Chelsea why do you care? Well the gentleman was born & raised in Chelsea and many folks from outside of Chelsea are interested these kids are our future, if your not concerned about your future I’d take a long look at that…… LETS FIGHT FOR PRIDE!!!! LETS SAVE PRIDE!!!! LET THE KIDS PLAY!!!!!

  17. Pamela says:

    I also feel the need to share this. I’m so proud of you for bringing this matter to everyones attention, I don’t have kids that play in the league , but I do go to watch the games at times. Thank you so much for writing this. There should be more fathers like you, loving. , caring, and committed , you have my support 100%.

  18. Sandra Castro says:

    It really saddens me to read how grown adults can be so vandictive. Although I don’t reside in Chelsea any longer, this really hits home to me. Especially when I have lots of family members who are involved with Pride. I don’t know the whole story, I believe there is always two sides to a story but if that’s the action that Sylvia took then I feel she did wrong. She should of know better than that & follow common sense protocol. Take it out with Pride. That’s why these organizations appoint Presidents, board commities & such. Find a better resolution. Like discipling the person (s) who were involved in being dishonest. Don’t just seek higher matters to have the whole organization wiped out. That is just wrong & dirty. I truly believe it’s all about the kids of Chelsea. Give them all a chance to play. I hope they reconsider & bring Pride back. Best of luck & God Bless.

  19. Lissette says:

    I am very disapointed that this is going on with this league.I am a mother of one of the players that have consistently been in the league since they opened and also has been playing since he was 7 years old. He is now 14. I would like to just say that the kids of CHELSEA MA, really need this program, if you look at the statistics in just the city of Chelsea alone you would know and understand the reasons why Chelsea Pride is vital to the life of these young people that participate. Gang violence, drug use and abuse are huge influences in the city of Chelsea for young men and woman, Teen pregnancy percentages is also very high for such a small city, there is a huge school drop out rate which could easily lead to any of these previously mentioned negative outcomes. I honestly would like for everyone to take into considerations all the programs that Chelsea really needs and Chelsea Pride being one of the many options young people could have other than all the negative activities that surrounds our youth. Please DON’T CLOSE THE LEAGUE, this is one of the things my son really looks to attend to show all the skills and leadership he has learned by being a part amazing organization.lgs

  20. Lissette says:

    I also would like to state that this is so injust the fact that our young people are the ones loosing, nobody else is… Understand that by taking this program away will only send a message to the young people that they dont matter… who doesnt make mistakes in this world?? Who are you to judge?? Whoever is behind this should really be ashamed of themselves, for taking programs from young at risk youth who need it the most…

  21. scott moses says:

    i will be discussing this on my radio progam on 91.5 tonight from 11pm-1am

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